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6. Oktober 2011

Sao Paulo – Beco 203

We can chill during the day. Udo goes to check out brazilian vintage shops and discovers y very famous brazilian synthesizer called Gammasonic GS 2000. The show today is at one of the best clubs in Sao Paulo: Beco 203 on Augusta. All our friends stop by for the concert and we have to drink a lot of beers. We go on stage really late – again, but the crowd is fantastic. Thanks to Scream&Yell and Urbanaque for supporting us so much. Superlegal!

2. Oktober 2011

Araraquara – Almanaque


We spend a chilled afternoon at „Club Nautico“ with a fabulous barbeque and waterfall-massages. On the way to the hotel we have our first coconut. The view from the hotelroof is spectacular. The pool is an oasis of refreshment. Eletrofan celebrate their home-game in the best club of Sao Paulo country: Almanaque Bar & Club. This tour is more than muillto foda. It’s do caralho!


We’re leaving the metropolis. Uli is dealing with an upset stomach after throwing up all night. Sao Carlos is a cozy little town with people who love to listen to very loud music in there cars. Show starts around 2 o’clock at night -Brazilians have got a different take on time and we just go with the flow. Wunderbar!

29. September 2011

Sao Paulo – Arrival

We made it! But what a fucking boring looong flight cooped up in way too narrow seats. Thank god Holger Lüken lost his fear of flying. Outrage of the day: Coffee was cancelled due to turbulences. Record of the remainig flight: 2x Source Code, Thor, 3x Super 8, Ocean 11 (aborted), Tetris (Highscore!) 15 beers, 2 Whiskey Coke, White wine & airplane food. Scandalous: 1 suitcase was left behind in Amsterdam. How do they manage to get all the other pieces of luggage on the plane but leaving out one? Bummer, thank god for Brahma & Eletrofan!

28. September 2011

Off To Brazil


So freakin early. Tour starts now. 18 hours travel ahead. We are psyched. Sao Paulo here we come!

17. August 2011

Brazil & Argentina 2011

We are very proud to announce that we are going to Brazil & Argentina in September and October!

29.09. (BRA) Sao Paulo – Festival da Cultura Independente (CCSP)
30.09. (BRA) Sao Carlos – St. Patrick Pub
01.10. (BRA) Araraquara – Almanaque Bar & Club
02.10. (BRA) Rio de Janeiro – Audio Rebel
04.10. (BRA) Sao Paulo – Estudio Showlivre
05.10. (BRA) Sao Paulo – Beco 203
06.10. (BRA) Curitiba – James Bar
08.10. (BRA) Maringa – Long Life Music Festival
14.10. (ARG) Buenos Aires – tba
15.10. (ARG) Rosario – tba

Thanks to Eletrofan and Seba from All The Hats for making this possible! We can´t wait to go – do Caralho!