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Wow, what a tour finale! We play for a thousand people in Maringa. At the end the crowd is stating „Boomshakkalakka – Paul Konopacka“ and we celebrate the last concert with freedrinks backstage. At six in the morning we enter the van to go 10 hours back to Sao Paulo.

6. Oktober 2011

Sao Paulo – Beco 203

We can chill during the day. Udo goes to check out brazilian vintage shops and discovers y very famous brazilian synthesizer called Gammasonic GS 2000. The show today is at one of the best clubs in Sao Paulo: Beco 203 on Augusta. All our friends stop by for the concert and we have to drink a lot of beers. We go on stage really late – again, but the crowd is fantastic. Thanks to Scream&Yell and Urbanaque for supporting us so much. Superlegal!

2. Oktober 2011

Araraquara – Almanaque


We spend a chilled afternoon at „Club Nautico“ with a fabulous barbeque and waterfall-massages. On the way to the hotel we have our first coconut. The view from the hotelroof is spectacular. The pool is an oasis of refreshment. Eletrofan celebrate their home-game in the best club of Sao Paulo country: Almanaque Bar & Club. This tour is more than muillto foda. It’s do caralho!


We’re leaving the metropolis. Uli is dealing with an upset stomach after throwing up all night. Sao Carlos is a cozy little town with people who love to listen to very loud music in there cars. Show starts around 2 o’clock at night -Brazilians have got a different take on time and we just go with the flow. Wunderbar!

29. September 2011

Sao Paulo – Arrival

We made it! But what a fucking boring looong flight cooped up in way too narrow seats. Thank god Holger Lüken lost his fear of flying. Outrage of the day: Coffee was cancelled due to turbulences. Record of the remainig flight: 2x Source Code, Thor, 3x Super 8, Ocean 11 (aborted), Tetris (Highscore!) 15 beers, 2 Whiskey Coke, White wine & airplane food. Scandalous: 1 suitcase was left behind in Amsterdam. How do they manage to get all the other pieces of luggage on the plane but leaving out one? Bummer, thank god for Brahma & Eletrofan!

28. September 2011

Off To Brazil


So freakin early. Tour starts now. 18 hours travel ahead. We are psyched. Sao Paulo here we come!