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It is 4 years now that we´ve been on tour for the first time in Russia. We´ve played some amazing shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg. With us was our friend Deniz Jaspersen from Herrenmagazin who did some „tourmanaging“ for us. Great times and a lot of fun!

Here is also a little documentary about our trip:


Shock! Lufthansa is on strike and cancelled our flight home! Today we play our last concert at Masterskaya a very nice club / restaurant in a cultural complex in the center of Moscow. Luckily we can get another flight home with another airline the next day. We had such a great time, thanks to Vetal, Denis, Nikita and everybody else who helped us and brought us over. We’ll never forget 😉 Doswedanja!


We have to take the train in St. Petersburg to Moscow at six in the morning right after the show. Totally wasted we arrive in Moscow. Show today is at a nice restaurant / partyplace called Dolls Pistols. Show is very crowded and has a great energy. We meet a lot of friends from the last tour and have a nice cocktail at the secret bar behind the backstage. Holger also made friends with the midget-security guy. Spaciba!

28. Februar 2011

tusq in Russia

For everybody who didn´t see it so far here is our russian tourdocumentary in one piece! Enjoy!

9. Februar 2011

tusq in Russia

Hey everybody,
you wanna know how our tour in Russia went? Well, here are the 3 parts of our russian tourdiary, presented by An amazing experience! Dawei, Dawei!

Thanks to Vitali, Dennis, Kirill & Unique Tunes for bringing us over and taking care!

Hopefully we´ll be back soon! :-0