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17. Oktober 2011

Rosario – Pugliese


We go in a very comfortable interstate bus to Rosario. When we hit the town we immediately feel home. All the guys welcome us like old friends and the atmosphere is tranquillo. After soundcheck we are invited to a superb argentinian barbecue at the house of All The Hats bassplayer Matias. Show starts very late again but the atmosphere is fantastic. A big thanks to all the Argentinian people who took such good care of us especially to Seba & Sebastian who drove our asses around. We wanna come back!

15. Oktober 2011

Buenos Aires – Salon Real


After 2 relaxing and rainy days in Santos with lots of food we’re leaving Brazil for Argentina. What a welcome to Buenos Aires! The cabdriver speaks fluent german and gives us a little sightseeing tour, the people at the hostel are supernice and the neighborhood of San Telmo very charismatic. We have the best steak of our lives! Show starts ultra-late, like 02:30, people love the show, lots of Jägermeister, räämäläämädindong at the other end of the world!

12. Oktober 2011

Sao Paulo – TV Trama


Our final show in Brazil before we are heading to the beach. 2 offdays in Santos! TV Trama is a very famous studio in Sao Paulo with the finest equipment, established in the 70ies. They own a Nive mixing-desk, acutally that one on which Metallica recorded the „Black Album“. Here and then they have bands play live in their recording room and stream it to the internet. By the way the recording room is a 1-1 copy of the one at Abbey Road Studios in London. It´s an honour for us to play here. Fantastic sound, fantastic guys!


Wow, what a tour finale! We play for a thousand people in Maringa. At the end the crowd is stating „Boomshakkalakka – Paul Konopacka“ and we celebrate the last concert with freedrinks backstage. At six in the morning we enter the van to go 10 hours back to Sao Paulo.

7. Oktober 2011

Curitiba – James Bar


Premiere for Tusq. We play in a gay bar with double drinks all night long. After the show we celebrate the finale of the tour with Eletrofan who had their last concert. Nice people in Curitiba and good times!

6. Oktober 2011

Sao Paulo – Beco 203

We can chill during the day. Udo goes to check out brazilian vintage shops and discovers y very famous brazilian synthesizer called Gammasonic GS 2000. The show today is at one of the best clubs in Sao Paulo: Beco 203 on Augusta. All our friends stop by for the concert and we have to drink a lot of beers. We go on stage really late – again, but the crowd is fantastic. Thanks to Scream&Yell and Urbanaque for supporting us so much. Superlegal!