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1. November 2011

Live in Brazil

„Urban Spaces“ – Estudio Showlivre

„Fortune“ – TV Trama

While we are still licking our wounds our thoughts always go back to the great tour in Brazil. We had the great opportunity to perform live at two great websites: TV Trama and Estudio Showlivre. Check out „Fortune“ featuring Eletrofan @ TV Trama and „Urban Spaces“ @ Estudio Showlivre.

12. Oktober 2011

Sao Paulo – TV Trama


Our final show in Brazil before we are heading to the beach. 2 offdays in Santos! TV Trama is a very famous studio in Sao Paulo with the finest equipment, established in the 70ies. They own a Nive mixing-desk, acutally that one on which Metallica recorded the „Black Album“. Here and then they have bands play live in their recording room and stream it to the internet. By the way the recording room is a 1-1 copy of the one at Abbey Road Studios in London. It´s an honour for us to play here. Fantastic sound, fantastic guys!