Hier kommt das Video zu Counting Sheep, unsere zweite Single aus dem Album „Rarities & Outtakes“ das am 13. November digital via Oktober Promotion und Soulfood Music erscheint. Das tolle Artwork von Astrid Lüken wurde von Jörn Kaspuhl collagiert und illustriert und von Uli Sailor zu einem atmosphärischen Lyric-Video geschnitten. Viel Spaß!

💥In October 2010 our debut album „Patience Camp“ was released and now 10 years later we want to celebrate!
We browsed through our archives and found 10 tracks that are previously unreleased and were written and produced during the last 10 years. We are going to release them as a compilation pretty soon. Stay tuned for more! 🔟🔥🍻

During the 2019 tour of TUSQ in Brazil the band performed 6 shows in Brazil. After the Araraquara Rock festival the band hit the Sunrise Music Studio of producer Ali Zaher Junior to record 7 songs from their liveset:

1. Gorilla Syrup
2. You And I
3. Fading Stars
4. Different Planet
5. Be Happy Now
6. Set Fire
7. Poison Heart (Ramones Cover)

The recording managed perfectly to capture the live-energy of the band. The EP is released on 28th of August, one week before the cover of the famous Ramones-song „Poison Heart“ is released as a single.

You can presave the EP here: TUSQ: Sunrise Music Sessions

TUSQ in Brazil 2019
We had a blast during the coldest week of the year, check out the video for some impressions.

Thanks for setting up these shows and everybody who was involved, especially Itaici Brunetti.
Above this Flavio from Sonic Flower Club, Andre Alvez and Rising Power Estudios,
Araraquara Rock Festival, Giules and Eu Te Am Records.

A special thanks goes out to our musical guests:
Edgard Scandurra, Chuck Hipolitho, Vallada and William Albino. It was a pleasure to perform with you guys.

Thanks to Sunny for the awesome sound, our merchandise-ferry Fernando, Sergio and Leandro for the safe driving, Dr. Ali Zaher Junior
for translating and standing by, Joao Gordo from Ratos De Parao for helping with buerocratic stuff.

A big shoutout to the bands that shared the stage with us:
The Outs, Ceano, Pao De Hamburguer, Chuck and O´s crush.

Thanks for setting up great recording sessions at Cavalo studios (Sao Paulo) and Sunrise Music studios (Araraquara)

Great pics by Marta Ayora, Renata Gabriel and Cassiano Geraldo

We hope to be back soon! Stay tuned…

We are going on tour in Brazil in July! Confirmed are the following shows:

July 05 SAO PAULO @Z Largo da Batata
July 06 MARINGA @Tribo’s Bar (Sonic Flower Club)
July 10 CURITIBA @Jokers
July 11 ARARAQUARA @Araraquara Rock Festival
July 12 SAO PAULO @Casa do Mancha (Eu Te Amo Records Apresenta)

In Sao Paulo on the 5th we´ll be joined by Edgard Scandurra for a special performance and on the 11th we´ll perform a couple of songs with Chuck Hipolitho of the Forgotten Boys. Muito legal! Check the tourtrailer:

Mit schwerem Herzen müssen wir euch mitteilen, dass wir die 4 Konzerte in Oberhausen, Köln, Karlsruhe und Bremen aus gesundheitlich/familiären Gründen nicht spielen können. Es gibt noch keine Nachholtermine, aber wir hoffen, dass die Konzerte zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt in diesem Jahr stattfinden können. Gekaufte Tickets können an den Vorverkaufs-Stellen zurückgegeben werden. Wir hoffen ihr seid gut reingekommen in 2019 und wir halten euch auf dem Laufenden!