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Free Download: Blocks And Bricks

4 Wochen sind es noch bis zur Veröffentlichung unseres neuen Albums „Hailuoto“. Und als kleinen Vorgeschmack gibts die erste Single „Blocks And Bricks“ zum freien Download.

4 weeks until we release our 2nd album „Hailuoto“. Download the first single „Blocks And Bricks“ for free!

28. Januar 2011


Finally it´s out there! We shot a videoclip in Berlin for our 2nd single „Fortune“.

And because we love this song so much we´d like to give it for you for free. Hit the download-button on the Soundcloud-Player!

And here a little thanks list to everybody who took part in the video-shoot, you did a great job:
Jonathan, JanBob, Alex, Olli, Kaye & Kathrin, Kathrin, Tatiana, Patrick, Michael, Ruben, Yorck, Benni, Nicole, Astrid and everybody who was part of the final party-scene! Also we´d like to thank Grips Theater Berlin, Verkehrslenkung Berlin and Initiative Musik for making this possible!