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We play at Studio Rock Cafe in Santos and we experience the strangest concert-live situation we’ve ever had. It’s a room inside the room, we are separated from the audience by thick glass. Feels almost like an aquarium! Inside it feels like we are playing in our rehearsal room. Anyway we are enjoying the show and the crowd loves it too! We are having a lot of fun. Thank you Santos!


Clubshow in Sao Paulo today. The venue is on the famous Rua Augusta. We are sharing the stage with shoegazing Soundscapes. A lot of friends are in the crowd. Unfortunately everything breaks during the show. Bad luck! Disculpa! Next time better 😉


Pocket-Show at the lovely recordstore & cafe sensorial discos. We play a short acoustic set including a piano-version of You And I. And thanks to Brazil 2000 for a nice interview in the afternoon. Muito legal!


Jiundiai is a nice town one hour away from Sao Paulo. We have a delicious lunch with our favourite food: beans and rice. During the show we are fighting with some rain again but the amazing brazilian audience is celebrating. Was great to play for you!


It is the coldest day of the year, in brazilian winter, in the highest city of Sao Paulo State and we are playing an open air festival. Botucatu! A name that is ranked really high on our most spectaluar named city list. People go crazy! It is very nice to meet the guys from Titas!


First show of our second tour in Brazil. It’s so great to meet all our friends in the beautiful orange city of Araraquara. We have a fabulous tour crew and except for little sickness of Florian we are in a good mood. Showtime is postponed to 2 o’clock at night. Brazilian style. Jet Lag. Brahma. Life is good!